Our annual Fall Conference has been canceled due to concerns about COVID-19. It has been rescheduled for September 26, 2021, Hood River.

The Oregon Education Association-Retired (OEA-Retired) is the NEA affiliate for retired OEA members. OEA-Retired provides OEA retirees an opportunity to collectively work toward preserving PERS benefits, enhancing health care, assuring the strength of public education, and providing social activities to our members. OEA-Retired works with other senior organizations to deal with retirement issues in common, while providing social activities and support for issues unique to retired educators.

We're the organization that continues to fight for your rights. We can do more together than any of us can do alone. Watch this page for updates on retired issues and OEA-Retired news, including:


Why am I a member of OEA-Retired? I worked for 37 years as an educator because of my love for working with students. But another important piece of my time in public education was supporting other educators through leadership in my local, state, and national union. My continued membership in OEA/NEA as a retired member allows me to continue my support for working educators at less intense level while still keeping in touch with those with who have the same views as I do.

Russ Fillis

"Recently I was asked why I joined OEA-Retired. First, I was invited by another OEA-Retired member who shared what they do and thought I would be a good match. One of the reasons I retired early was that teaching seemed to be at odds with what is best for how students learn and with political based mandates. This was not a temporary fad and the learning environment has shriveled over the years since my retirement. I also have remained very involved in the schools following retirement by mentoring, volunteering, subbing, and just assisting where the need seemed to be.

No matter what I did over the last 10 plus years of my retirement, I saw class sizes increase, funding decrease, mandates increase, respect decrease, and what I was doing was simply not enough. Actions of OEA-Retired shows teachers, students, politicians, and citizens that changes are afoot! This body (OEA-Retired) makes a difference in the classroom and for students by our engagements in the classroom and the political arena. It is too much to ask current teachers to engage politically, but we the retired have invested in the children of tomorrow (our future) and that investment never ends!"

- Sandra Grzeskowiak

Why I joined OEA-Retired? Why not! I worked for 31 years and was active in the Union most of those years. I knew I would miss the people and the events that I had participated in so I have found a way to continue those associations. I became a life member the last year I worked and have been back since.

Judy Christensen


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